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Monday, April 28, 2014

School Days: Weekly Pond Study Review

Hello!  I have returned.  Did you all miss me while I was gone on my unplanned sabbatical?  Hopefully you didn't forget about me!  Even if you did, I am back again to remind you of all the fun there is to be had projecting!  I won't bore you by going back and revisiting all the things we did at Christmas time or for Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day but I do have photos to share from a few things we've done since my last post, just so you don't think I gave up "doing stuff" altogether in my blogging absence.

One thing we started way back in January was a weekly visit to our backyard pond/marsh.  This is a year-long nature observation project to supplement our science textbook.  I'll probably post an update now and again as the year progresses.  My idea was to try and take a photo from roughly the same spot each week and at the end of the year turn all the pictures into a flip book.  We shall see.....If you scroll down really fast you might get an idea of how it will look.
Week 1

Week 2 & 3 (I'm lumping them together since there was no real change from week to week during the winter months.)
Week 4
Followed by some fun pictures so that you don't get depressed from reminders of how long and cold and unpleasant our winter was.

Week 6 & 7
Week 8 - A CHANGE!
Week 9
Week 10
This doesn't quite bring you up to date, but I will save the story of my falling into that mucky water for a future post - that way you have to keep checking back in.

Happy spring, everyone!