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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Free Flowers

Last week, my husband came home from work with the news that one of his friends had "flowers and stuff that needed dividing. We can go out Monday night and see their house, and take whatever we want." I was a little skeptical, but since our yard has so many spots that need something, I was willing to fill them with almost anything - for now. I can always come back later and fix things......right? So, on Monday night, we braved the mosquitoes and headed out. We returned home with a trunk full of plants and bodies full of itchy bites. But it was worth it.

Now that the plants were home, the two day chore - I mean project - of planting them began. First, of course, I had to weed my flower beds to see where they would fit. Some went into the front flower beds right away, but I had to put some of them into a "holding pen" because we are going to be doing some major foundation work later this summer.

In the left picture is what I hope is Sweet William (we'll see if we get some flowers). The picture on the right is my "holding garden." The Yellow Mums will probably stay there, but if the Purple Cone flowers survive, I want to transplant them to the front of the house next year.

I hope the Hostas are happy here along this fence. Nothing else grows here, or along the back of our garage, so it is always muddy and full of scraggly weeds.

I still have some Purple Irises left, but I read online that they shouldn't be planted when it is really hot, and it is today, so they'll have to be a project for another day.

While I was at it, I transplanted some Daffodil bulbs from the front box to the backyard, where I hope they will be happier. Oh, and I almost forgot about the Daisies, which went in the back too. So, it really was quite a haul, and I hope my green thumb was up to the challenge.


Jessica said...

Actually, I noticed your new stuff around. It looked really nice. I should have given you some milorganite to put in the holes before you put your plants in. Maybe next time, or if you have more to plant.

~ Tandis ~ said...

THAT IS AWESOME! Once your stuff needs to be separated...I'll be right over. :) I've got a million spots that I want to add plants but as you know, plants cost! I can't wait to visit and see all your new gardens!