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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break Project Day

It's spring break at our house, and the change of pace has been very enjoyable, but Project Day is Project Day and not to be missed under any circumstances!  This week Grammie the Art Teacher instructed the kids to make a picture about their favorite book, using cut and torn construction paper to make the shapes.
Here we have a story (title unknown) about a pony in Iceland.
This princess illustrated Laura Ingalls.
You might notice these two girls match.  They got their mothers to help them coordinate their outfits over the phone, so that no one would be "shy."
Princess #2 did the "Boxcar Children"
This week was extra fun because we celebrated Grammie the Art Teacher's birthday with donuts.  There is nothing quite like a donut break, is there?
After every crumb of donut and every colored sprinkle was eaten, we finished up the morning with some singing.  First we practiced some Sunday School songs and then we moved on to patriotic songs and action songs and silly songs and a few that are just plain noisy.  The class MAY have been a little bit rowdier then usual, but I'm sure the donuts had nothing to do with that.
Happy Spring Break, everyone.  I hope yours has warmer weather then ours!


~ Tandis ~ said...

I'd say it was a pretty nice project day. Thanks for the donut treat. :)

Aaron said...

What did the other kids do for ther pictures?

Here's another one: what would you draw for your picture? I think I would probably do something in the Patrick O'Brian line.

Dana said...

We also had a Sugar Creek Gang picture and the two littlest members had pictures of glue factory explosions. Grammie the Art Teacher did a very nice one of Owl Moon. The book I just finished, "The Murder Stone" would have provided some good material for an illustration.