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Monday, July 15, 2013

Capturing Caterpillars - First Attempt

The other day my kids found out that during my childhood one of my siblings found a Monarch Butterfly caterpillar and brought it home and eventually we all watched it hatch into a butterfly.  They were fascinated by this story and immediately put "Hatch a Butterfly" on our Summer Fun list.  

Today we went on our first expedition to find a Monarch Caterpillar.  The infallible internet told me that this was a good time of year, but I was skeptical because I haven't seen any Monarch Butterflies floating around and if there are no adults then how can there be babies...?  My children, happily naive, did not see this as a problem, so off we went to the meadow behind the tee-ball field where I had spotted large quantities of milkweed plants.

Ian entered into the search wholeheartedly.
Cam was a little skeptical, but he was stuck going wherever I did and he didn't complain much.
 I've never really looked at a Milkweed flower before - they are actually rather pretty.
 The girls weren't quite as excited.  The weeds were over their heads and there were plenty of thistles and other weeds with pokey parts, but they managed alright.
 Eventually it became clear that there were no caterpillars of the type we wanted anywhere in that field,
so we headed for home....
 empty-headed, I mean "handed".
We'll try again next week.
Happy bug collecting, everyone!

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Jessica said...

Good grief. How are you going to continue to maintain all these fun project ideas?

Anonymous said...

Cam's look is fantastic. He looks like one of the great arctic explorers pressing on, steely-jawed against the elements, his lips on the point of shouting "Mush!"

- Aaron