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Monday, May 12, 2014

May Day Baskets

Happy Day After Mother's Day to you all.  Have you recovered from the fun?  This year I was not blessed with breakfast in bed, which I will admit was a relief.  My kids enjoy delivering breakfast in bed, and their joy is contagious, but their stomachs and aspirations always outpace their culinary skills leaving much to be desired in the breakfast department.  I was much happier with the afternoon ice cream treat!

I suppose on the day after Mother's Day I should really post about the bookmarks the kids made to give as gifts to their grandmothers, but I decided I'd put that off for a while and instead go back in time to May Day.  On May 1, Brynnie asked me if there were any holidays in May and I was reminded of the tradition of my childhood of secretly delivering May Baskets to the neighbors.  The idea of making flowers and a basket from paper thrilled Brynn and she proceeded to make a bouquet.
Blair got involved by decorating some paper,
which Brynn used to weave into a basket.  (Just for reference, weaving is just a little beyond the skill level of a kindergartner but we worked through it together.)
We told Ian he couldn't be involved in the delivery of the basket unless he helped in the making of the basket, so he used some rubber stamps to make a card.
Then they prepared to deliver the completed May Basket.  As you scroll through the rest of the pictures, hum the Mission: Impossible theme song to yourself, because they took their broad-daylight, across the front yard, past large front windows secret mission VERY seriously.
Mission accomplished.

Happy belated May Day everyone!

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Aaron said...

"Happy belated May Day everyone!"


Dana said...

Funny guy - I will have you know that May Day traditions pre-date an international Labor Day!