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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Project Day: Fall Trees and Leaves

Did I mention in last week's post that you were going to be seeing quite a lot of orange and yellow around here?  I'm pretty sure I did.  But, on the slim chance that you skipped reading that not-yet-but-certainly-soon-to-be-nominated-for-a-literary-award post, I'll remind everyone that fall colors are my favorite and I tend to go a little overboard every year making fall-themed stuff.  My mom, who also suffers from "Yellow and Orange Fever" doesn't help.  In fact, she beat me to the autumn projects this year with a fun craft on our last Project Day!

The first step was to paint coffee filters with water paints, so that the colors blend together to mimic fall leaves.
While the coffee filters were drying, each kid got a small brown paper bag, which they turned into the trunk of a tree.  For a really good description with pictures, check out this website, where my mom got her inspiration.
Finally, the previously painted coffee filters were cut into leaf shapes and then the leaves were glued on the branches of the trees.
They turned out very pretty (much better then my photography skills illustrate) and make really cute table decorations!
Stay tuned for more yellow and orange.  Happy Project Day everyone!


Jessica said...

Paper sculpture AND painting. A multi-media project!

Aaron said...

"Yellow and Orange Fever"

Not much is known about Y1-O1, so called "Yellow & Orange Fever." We know it originated somewhere in Northern Minnesota in the 1950's and migrated through the population to the Eastern shores of Lake Michigan, predominantly in the Sheboygan area.

We know that Y1-O1 is not terminal, that it is transmitted primarily along family lines but has been known to be passed person-to-person within certain households. Symptoms of Y1-O1 include brightly painted walls and decorations, buildup of rust-like hues on shirts, scarves and blouses, and a pandemic accumulation of orange-colored coffee cups.

There is no known treatment or cure for Y1-O1.

Dana said...

It's one of those sicknesses where the cure would be worse then the symptoms.

An Inviting Home said...

These are adorable! I'm in love with fall and all of the pretty colors too. :-)