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Sunday, November 30, 2014

One Last Autumn Post

There is nothing like a family Thanksgiving celebration taking place at your house to remind you of all the little projects that need finishing (or starting and finishing) around the place.  I managed to sort through a lot of closets and dust a lot of high shelves thanks to this motivation.  I was also able to get a decorating project that I have been slowly working on for the past YEAR completed, thanks to the pressure of pending house tours.

The south wall in our bedroom is the one that our headboard rests against, and it has been bare since we moved back into the room after the remodel.  I just couldn't decide what I wanted to hang there.  Then, about a year ago Aaron and I discussed an idea involving topographic maps.  I don't remember who had the initial thought, but it got my mind turning.  Eventually I moved away from the idea of topographic maps to tourist maps of major cities that we want to visit together someday.  I started searching online for vintage maps in a variety of sizes and styles, and as I gathered them I mounted them onto blank art canvases.  

I finished the last map on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, but I had a little problem.  The man who provides the muscle necessary for completing my various brilliant ideas was away on a hunting weekend.  How could I get all my maps hung in time?  I started by using brown wrapping paper to make "map shapes" to help me make my gallery arrangement.  It's a good think I didn't just starting putting in screws or nails, because first it looked like this:
and then I changed it to this:
 and eventually it ended up like this:
 When my he-man arrived home after his hunting trip, he was forced to feel my intense need of completing projects and finished the installation of "our" maps with very good grace and speed.

Oh, and before I wish everyone a "happy last day of November", I need to fulfill another promise and show some of the Thanksgiving decorations the kids made for their rooms.  I think the blue painter's tape is a very special touch.
Happy Last Day of November everyone!


Jessica said...

I really love the wall arrangement. I must confess I was not liking the diamond-shaped brown paper map. It "felt" wrong. When you revealed them all on the last picture I was so relieved! I LOVED it!

Dana said...

That's funny, Mom. It bugged Brynnie too and she was also very relieved by the "round thing with N-S-E-W on the edges". Tastes appear to run in families.

~ Tandis ~ said...

I had the same reaction to the diamond shape.
It's very cool! I have had ideas to do a travel wall too. You beat me to it and it looks great. :)