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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yarn and Glue - What More Could You Ask For?

It has been a while since I posted on an actual "Project Day" project, but since those projects are the roots of my blog I suppose I should do that once in a while!  Today was an especially fun project, at least in my opinion, so I'll let you see all the fun.  The supplies include paper, glue, and lots and lots of yarn.
First, the kids drew very basic sketches on their paper using chalk.  Using those sketches as guidelines, they used glue and yarn to "redraw" the pictures.
 After the outlines were done, they began to "color in" their designs using more yarn.
 It was interesting to see how the different age groups handled this project.  The preschooler had big hopes followed by big frustrations when the yarn didn't stay stuck immediately.  She needed a lot of help, although she now claims full credit for the final results.
 The kindergarten-first grade group diligently worked away, rather determined to do it themselves, but not overly concerned with perfectionism.
The older student, who shall remain nameless, kept trying to take shortcuts by gluing wads of yarn to his picture to cover space very quickly, but under firm guidance finally produced a properly finished piece that he is very pleased with.
 Happy Project Day, everyone!


Jamie said...

It's a rare occurrence when Ellie is the last one "projecting" - and then continues working on it at home! This project was a hit :)

Jessica said...

Well, well, well. You just never know about that Ellie. I never would have guessed she'd finish it at home. That's what I get for underestimating her.