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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ian and Brynn's House O' Flowers

Every year around this time our backyard bursts into bloom.  For a city yard, we have an unusual number of wildflowers.  Consequently, each spring my little girls spend hours outside wandering from patch to patch, collecting fistfuls of flowers to decorate our kitchen table.  This year Brynnie decided that all her labor should not be without reward, so she opened her first flower shop.  She wrote up a sign: "50 Cents a flower" and waited for business.  Her faithful Daddy was happy to oblige.
After a few days, however, she realized that the backyard picnic table was not the best location for a budding business, so she moved her shop to the front yard.  She also created different price points for her bouquets.  This time Grandpa Kevin was convinced to buy some flowers.
After front yard sales stagnated due to a lack of grandpas, Brynn decided to take on a partner and take her business to the next level.  She created a brand and began marketing.
She hired staff,
built a green house,
and began offering lessons in botany and wildflower identification.
The shop is open Monday-Friday from 4:45-5pm, with special sale hours on Saturdays.

Happy spring, everyone.

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Jessica said...

Laughing at your crazy kids.