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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Another Round of Pottery Painting Fun

Do you want to see some excited kids?  Come over to my house and whisper "Today is Pottery Day" in your quietest whisper.  You will instantly see pandemonium.  "Pottery Day" is an annual event my Grandmother sponsors for her great-grandchildren who have reached the age of four (this year that meant 8 kids) and live close enough to attend.  They look forward to this day all year and often discuss with each other what they will paint at the next event.
When "Pottery Day" finally actually arrives, we all load up in the car and head north to Green Bay, the location of a coffee shop and craft studio owned by a distant cousin of mine.  The kids get to pick a small piece of decorative pottery (well, we encourage them to pick small, but they always get their hearts set on some large and elaborate piece and we have to talk them down) which they spend the next hour or so painting and decorating with glaze.
Oh, the decisions!
Oh, the excitement!
Oh, the painting!
Oh boy, the mess!
But they are all so happy!
Once the painting is finished we join the younger cousins and aunties and Grandpas at the park for a picnic lunch.
It was a lovely day.  Thanks Grandma - we all love "Pottery Day"!


~ Tandis ~ said...

It may be a fun day but I always sigh in relief at the end that no pottery disaster occurred. ;)

Jessica said...

Great pictures and write-up. Great memories, too!