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Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Educational Project

Way back in 1986, I started school. I stayed at home and my Mom taught me, which seemed perfectly normal (except that strange grown-ups would ask me about my social development and other seemingly silly questions). So, for the next 12 years I continued on in school, graduated, and headed off to college. I had no desire to be a teacher. I wasn't always certain what I DID want to do, but I felt I knew myself well enough to know that teaching was not the profession for me. I graduated, almost went to grad school but got married instead, and then a few years later kids started arriving. Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind: these kids will have to go to school. We want to homeschool. I'm gonna have to be a teacher! Yikes!

On Tuesday, this new educational project began. Ian had his first day of school, and was he ever excited. Since he isn't even four yet, this year is more of a "get ready for school" project (for both teacher and pupil) then any sort of academically challenging educational experiment. My motto is: We'll see how this goes.


~ Tandis ~ said...

My favorite Ian comment, said to his cousin Mia: "Mia, I'll teach you your ABC's 'cuz I'm going to school."

I think you know you are doing something right when your child wants to share something YOU taught them with another person.
You will be a great Teacher. You are so creative and patient.

MommaMindy said...

Dana, I'm sure you'll do well! I look forward to following your journey through blogs. I love the idea of starting with a year just to get used to it. We did that with Rebekah and it was a blast. I used a curriculum that covered one letter a week, and we made puppets for each letter. Was a blast! Have a great year!

Dana said...

Puppets...interesting idea. My plan is one letter and one number a week, plus some social studies stuff like inside body parts, safety rules, following directions, etc. Stuff I'd be teaching him anyway, just trying to fit some structure in. I'm glad to hear this was a success with Rebekah.

Jessica said...

He looks so cute and excited. Don't start too early or go too fast or you'll be done by the time he's 12. Then you'll have to consider college and grad school and......