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Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Biggest House Project Yet

September 10, 2010 will always be a memorable day for our family because it is the day our youngest daughter was born. It will also be memorable for another reason: 45 minutes after our daughter arrived (we had a home birth), the excavator who was scheduled to dig a trench along our foundation also arrived. So, our biggest house project yet (and possibly ever) got started with a real bang. Later in the day we got a celebratory fountain, when the "digger" hit an old, unmarked water line. That was only the first adventure in what would be a long week of digging, patching, strengthening the foundation, hauling gravel, adding a basement egress window, and refilling the hole. While I hid out in the house caring for the new baby, Aaron worked like a madman, trying to get everything done outside. When you have a tight budget and a tight timeline, resting is not an option!
Today Aaron went back to work, which I think will feel like rest after this past week. The project is mostly done, with only the usual odds and ends to finish up and a lot of clean up to do. I might even be able to pretend to help with that....or I might just keep hiding out on the house with the new baby!


~ Tandis ~ said...

You guys are impressive. I do not think that I know another person, except Mom, that could do what you did this past week, Dana. You are amazing. I need to take "stay calm" lessons from you! :)
Aaron sure is putting in the time with his house. What a good steward he is being. His time and effort will be worth it when he's all done and can relax. :)

Bassett said...

Dana and guys are great!
I love it. =)

Jessica said...

I know it was a hard week, but what fun for Ian day after day. Maybe it kept him a bit preoccupied and less "in your hair."
Nice to hear that the foundation repair guy approved of Aaron's brainchild.