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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Final Countdown

With our vacation now only a few days away, it's a bit of a mad house around here. Along with packing, I've been trying to wrap up some pesky lingering projects and do some house cleaning, because I hate coming home to a messy house.

Two of the things that I really wanted to get done were sewing projects: a grey skirt and a short-sleeved top. I was going to bring the top on vacation, which is why I started it, but then decided that it would get dirty too easily and wasn't a good choice. But, I couldn't stand seeing the pieces and sewing equipment piled around, so I finished it.

Here's the skirt:

It had 8 darts. I hate darts. They are easy, but I still hate them.

The shirt had tucks. They are also annoying, because they take a lot of time, but don't really keep you moving toward finishing the project. Sadly, I forgot to take a "finished" picture and threw the top in the laundry This was the project that I really enjoyed being able to finish before we leave:
Digging all my spring flowers out from under their leaf blankets. The only downside is that I think they will be done blooming before I get back. Oh well. If anyone wants some daffodils for their table, feel free to come and cut mine!


~ Tandis ~ said...

The skirt looks great!
I'm curious about the cute top style. This next week of weather might send all our daffodils back down in to the dirt because it's going to be so cold! :(

Have an awesome trip! :)
(Maybe while you're gone I'll sneak over to your house and drop all my projects on your project table so that they actually get done...) ;)

Jessica said...

That's the skirt you wore on Sunday, right? It was quite classy, in color and in style.
Looking forward to seeing the finished top, with its tucks.
Tandis is right, you may still see daffodils when you get home because our forecast is extended misery.