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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where Have I BEEN?

A few days ago my husband said to me "You have GOT to update your blog!"  He was right (see, I can say it), but due to technical difficulties I haven't been able to for several weeks.  However, those difficulties seem to have been sorted out, at least for the time being, so I can fulfill his request and let everyone know that we haven't been slacking, just because we have a new baby in the house.

Here is one project:
When we dug around our house to fix the foundation, the flower box on the center-front of our house had to be taken out.  This spring Aaron installed a replacement.  After the flower box was finished we planted some bushes and also seeded the front lawn.  I CAN NOT WAIT to have a mud free front lawn.

Here is another project:
This summer we are going to be redoing the living room.  Oddly enough, preparing for that project involves changing the location of the door for the basement stairs, which is in the kitchen.

Lest you think Aaron is the only one doing projects around the place, here is Big Brother Ian and his "Teach a Sister to Swing By Herself" system.  Believe it or not, his dragging her has actually gotten her to do it herself - perhaps as a form of self-preservation.

And one last project.  This spring, an inordinate number of birds have flown straight into our kitchen and living room windows.  I suggested making bird silhouettes to stick to the window so that the real birds won't keep kamikaze-ing into the glass.  Ian decided to make a "Scare Crow" instead, and Brynnie made a "Scare Vulture".  I think she meant Falcon, but she insisted on vulture.  Either way, hanging it in the window should chase away any self-respecting bird I've seen.  I'll be cutting out some black bird shapes to add later today.  I hope it works.
So, it's back to the projecting grindstone.  I need some new garden decorations!


~ Tandis ~ said...

Little Genius Ian! How nice to figure out a way to get Brynn to swing solo. Aaron, Aaron, he puts us to shame. Our house has soooo many projects left undone and he continues to start new ones! Good job!

Jessica said...

Wow, you've been busy. I need to come out and have a look-see.

amalison said...

Haha! "no self respecting bird"...I was hoping to see pictures of the scare crow and especially the "scare vulture!