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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back Home Again

Well, our whirlwind vacation is over and we are settling back into our routine (well, our "only a month until Christmas" routine).  Our trip was filled with all the usual adventures that go along with traveling with kids.  One of our stops was at Charlestown Landing (colonial-era Charleston), where the kids got to explore a small sailing ship and watch canons being fired.
Just because we were on vacation, laundry still accumulated, so we had to make a stop at a laundromat.  Nothing makes you feel farther from home - or appreciate your laundry room more -  then washing your dirty clothes in a strange place.
Babies have to eat on vacation, too.  Cam wasn't thrilled with the unidentified green stuff out of the baby food jars, but he ate it anyway.
He did enjoy being carried around in the backpack - except during the middle of the presentation on the Civil War submarine.
We didn't even stop doing school on this vacation.  I mean, who doesn't flop down in the middle of a museum floor to fill out a workbook?
Especially if you get a certificate and pin when you finished all the pages.

It's hard to imagine we packed so many adventures into one week.  It was a fantastic trip and it sets me up for another new project: scrapbooking all the pictures and souvenirs!


~ Tandis ~ said...

I love our style of learning vacations. Ian is hilarious laying out on the floor. Poor Cam eating canned food. Nothing about Blair's almost fall?
Makes me want to travel somewhere. :)
Glad you had fun and made it home safe.

Aaron said...

That comment about the backpack is unchecked propaganda - we used the contraption once, and Cam had had enough after 30 minutes, if that.

However it was a wonderful vacation considering how little Masterminding and Field Marshalling we had time for. It was a pretty target-rich environment though, Charleston is wonderful I recommend it to anyone!!!

Jessica said...

I am getting a headache just thinking about carrying Cam in a backpack.