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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Spontaneous Explosion

Are you a spontaneous person?  I like to think of myself as "prepared to be spontaneous."  My diaper bag is well-stocked, so that theoretically I could walk out the font door for an impromptu park trip at a moment's notice (I would still check the fully stocked diaper bag at least six times to ensure it is, in fact, fully stocked).  In summer all the beach equipment is in a box in the garage, ready for surprise runs to the beach, and in winter the sleds are piled by the garage door, waiting for that unexpected phone invitation to go sledding.  I am ready to be spontaneous.  Still.....I'm better at planning....and over planning....and extra planning (and double-checking the planning, and reviewing the double-checked plan).  So, when Aaron came home on Friday and suggested a spontaneous VACATION, leaving in five and one-half days for South Carolina, my spontaneous preparations were almost not up to the task.  Almost.....

Did I mention that one of those five and one-half days was designated for preparing and hosting Ian and Brynn's birthday party?  Oops, must have slipped my currently addled mind.
Here's my cake assembly line:
Two kids means two unique cakes (this tradition may have been a mistake on my part....)
Ian requested "a cake of our house."  Since I wasn't quite sure what he wanted, I bought him tubes of icing and let him make it himself.
Her royal highness desired nothing less then a princess wand.  In my mind it was much more symmetrical.  The addition of Skittles covered a multitude of sins.

Once the presents were opened, the cakes were forgotten.

The party was a success!
Now I can go back to planning like mad to be spontaneous.
See you after Thanksgiving!


~ Tandis ~ said...

The kids will remember those specific cakes the longest just because they had such an important part in decorating them. I need to let my kids decorate their own cakes, so often I want them to look "just right" but really, the kids would love to do them and have people tell them how great they did on their own cake. Thanks for that reminder.

Uffda! I'm excited and exhausted for you before your trip even gets started. Mommy's do ALL the hard work for trips. I hope you have awesome weather and we will be praying for you tons! <3

Anonymous said...

Looks like the party was a success!! Were G&G Schouten there? How nice! Wish I coulda been there. Have fun on your trip! I love the history vacations.

Aaron said...

"Mommy's do ALL the hard work for trips." - Tandis

I beg your pardon!!! >:)

I will grant you that mommy's do hard work, even the majority... but ALL?