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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas is Coming: Day 8

Day eight already?  As my ancient Norse ancestors would say: Uff da!  
We've managed to get the house decorated.  It was a bit of a trick this year, because first I had to figure out where our regular pictures and furniture and "stuff" would go, so that I would know where I had nails for hanging things and shelves to put Christmas items on.
See those red branches?  My cool sister, Margo, took me to a place where we could cut loads of them.  I've had fun using them inside and outside.  In the past I have tried to spray paint regular branches, but they never turned out quite right. 
We also celebrated St. Nicholas Day.  This Norwegian girl hardly even heard about St. Nick, but Dutch-proud Aaron wanted to celebrate a tradition from his growing-up years, and our kids were happy to oblige. 
Of course we have also been busy baking.  Since I couldn't eat many sweets last year because of my gestational diabetes diet, I think I am on a bit of a binge.
This is my deliberate and precise (dare I say dawdling?) decorator.
Could this face really have swiped cookies and frosting at every opportunity?  Yes!
And then there is this face.  This boy better give me "Mom of the Year" award for letting him get away with this.
Would you believe these are already gone?  You should, because they are.
What an excuse to make more!
Happy Baking and Merry Christmas to all!


Anonymous said...

When I was in Amsterdam I purposely didn't buy a pair of wooden shoes because I thought I would have no use for them and bring them to the thrift store later. Plus, the sight of a 65 year old man hobbling down the street in yelllow ones painted with flowers strengthened my resolve. But, when I got home and learned about their St. Nicholas celebration and leaving out wooden shoes, I was bummed I didn't have any!

I think next year we're going to try to study different Christmas traditions. Didn't have enough tme this year.

~ Tandis ~ said...

Kids LOVE frosting cookie day. I enjoy eating the cookies, not the huge process.
Your home looks lovely. Having a hard time using my red branches, no indoor space and no cool pots outside to put them in. =/

Mindy ~ We took the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas off from our normal Georgraphy Expedition Earth to do a fun study on, Christmas Around the World. We're really enjoying it. We have also decided that instead of tradition USA food on Christmas Eve we will eat different traditional Christmas foods from around the world. It's very exciting!! We're also making "crackers" for everyone eating here. Do you know what they are?
GoogleBing "Christmas Cracker" if you don't. :)