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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How Many Projects Can You Do In One Morning?

I'm here!  I really am!  I took an unplanned blogging sabbatical, but I'm back now and ready to do a project.
Okay, I suppose a week and a half isn't really a sabbatical, and I am always ready to do a project, but even so I am pleased to announce that I am back.

While I was out, we had a couple of unpleasant weather days in a row and the kids were getting a little cabin fever.  When I pulled down the basket that holds the crayons so that they could color for a while, they all spotted other things they wanted to do instead.  In the interests of family peace and harmony (but perhaps not my sanity), I agreed.

Ian worked on the last remaining vehicle in this kit - the ambulance.  He was actually able to follow the directions and build the model himself, which was pleasant to see - and also made my life a wee bit easier.
Brynnie picked "melty beads."  I am sure there is an actual name for this product, but I prefer to call them "melty beads."  This particular kit also involved a small piece of cross-stitch, for which you made a frame of "melty beads" to display it in.  The sewing party didn't really interest her, but the "melty beads" did.
Blair opted for pony beads.  Nice and first.  Then, as she accidentally unstrung more beads then she strung on, it became a little more complicated.  In the end, however, "we" finished it.
It was at this point that the morning started to get a little more interesting.  Brynn finished her melty beads and wanted to do something else.  After searching for a bit, I found some clay sculptures that she had made in art class, and she decided to paint those.
Then Ian wanted to paint too.
Guess who else wanted to paint?
Ian finished painting his clay pieces first (he has a more splash-dash style then the girls) so he moved on to the beading station.  Thankfully his motor skills are more developed than Blair's and he was able to make me a patterned necklace without my assistance.
Eventually Brynn moved on from painting to necklace making, but by that time my camera had been lost beneath the growing mound of drying and finished projects, so there is no record of the cream and orange piece she made for me.  Cam spent the morning practicing his walking by chasing escaped beads around the floor.  Thankfully he was still too slow to catch them.
Happy project marathon, everyone!


~ Tandis ~ said...

I'd have lost my mind!!! Jayla can get onto the table and enjoys spending her time terrorizing any project doing in this house.

Your kids are all going to be crafty adults. :)

Jessica said...

Lucky kids you have! I feel like a failure.

Dana said...

@Tandis - Cam will be doing that soon. I have a feeling we will sone be doing projects only during his naptime.

@Jessica - Mom, would you stop saying that? I have no memories of being a bored child! =)