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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Project Day: Fun Field Day

The school year has ended, and with it our weekly Project Day.  To celebrate the end of the year, we decided to have an outdoor field day.  Our unpleasant spring weather delayed the day once, and sickness almost did it a second time, but all the older kids managed to get healthy in time to have some fun.
We started things off with a running, water-balloon throwing, kicking obstacle course.
Then we had "Speed Chalk Art."  Each kid picked a sidewalk square to color in and then they had three minutes to create before moving to a new square.
Once again, horses and dogs were a favored subject matter.
After a brief pause for a snack, it was on to the "Egg on a Spoon Race."  The grass must have been really soft, because we had the usual number of eggs fall, but not a single one break.  When they had run several races, the kids took matters into their own hands and carried their eggs off to the wooded area and smashed their eggs against some trees.  When you are a kid, there is nothing quite as satisfying as the splat of an egg against a tree trunk.
Jumping was the final event.  I should have measured how far some of these kids could jump, because I was quite impressed.
We finished up with a picnic lunch - which I failed to take pictures of.  It was as tasty and messy as a picnic lunch should be.

Happy summer, everyone!


~ Tandis ~ said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. I was bummed to miss. THANKS so much for doing it anyway and for making it a great memory for my kids. :)

Dana said...

We missed the moms who weren't there =( I'm glad the kids had fun. Kids really are easy to satisfy - the games didn't have to be fancy or complicated, just active and goofy.

Jamie said...

Ellie had a blast! Thanks for taking charge and for letting us still send the healthy ones :)

Jessica said...

You got some great pictures of all that action.

Aaron said...

"nothing as satisfying as the splat of an egg on a tree trunk..."

Ahh, but you are mistaken. You were obviously a good kid Dana, otherwise you would know that the most satisfying sound an egg can make is when it Impacts the side of a house, followed shortly thereafter by the hurried gate of a half-dozen adolescents giggling with terror as they fly as fast as they can from their friend's/coach's/teacher's house.

Aaron said...

Postscript - Molly has the intense look of an athlete in most of these pictures...she is going to be fun to watch!