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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bulletin Boards for the Bs

How about that all that alliteration in the title?  Do you like it?  I'm not generally a fan of alliteration - so often it seems so forced and overdone, but this post just sort of called for it.  Call me a hypocrite if you will, but at least call me an honest hypocrite.

I've had two pieces of cork board sitting around for several months now, ever since my husband unscrewed them from the basement wall (yep, that's another example of the former owner's eccentricities - rather then use more conventional methods of hanging bulletin boards he instead drove screws through the boards and into the cinder block walls of the basement.  Functional certainly, but not exactly pleasant to the eye.).  I saved them and covered them with fabric that coordinated with the color of the walls in the girls' bedroom.

The next part of the project slowed me down for a while because I wanted to paint craft wood letters as labels for the board.  I wanted a Capital B for Big Sister Brynn and a lowercase b for little sister blair.  I never encountered a font that I liked, so in the end I drew the letters on to a piece of cardboard,
 and then wrapped them in yarn.  After they were finished, I attached each one to a board using my hot glue gun.
 Next, I found the correct size of removable adhesive hangers (please note my non-permanent, wall-friendly method - I decided against screws or contact cement) and stuck them on the wall.
 It's been a while since I've done a home decorating project, so I had a good time.  Plus, at least in theory, it will help to keep some of the MANY papers that little girls accumulate contained in one place.  At least I can hope.

Happy decorating, everyone!


~ Tandis ~ said...

um... sorry but at first glance I was wondering why my sister was writing about bs. It didn't seem quite like you.
The decor project turned out very cute. I am working on something similar for M&M's room but it's coming slow as do my projects. I need to paint their room which is the first reason why it's coming slowly. =/

Margo said...

I just did amelias wall, its so fun getting those projects done!

Jessica said...

Cute Bs! :)

Cute boards!