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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Let's Make a Game!

This year for Thanksgiving we are getting together with my side of the family.  There will be at least thirty people there, and thirteen of those belong to the "Under Ten" set.  Consequently, I have been trying to think of activities to keep them occupied while we are not actually eating.  Yesterday I asked "what games should we bring along to Thanksgiving?"  One of the kids asked "Could we make our own games to bring?"  It seemed like a good idea to me, so I let them get to work.  It turned out to be more time consuming then I imagined to create a board game.  

Yesterday they each created a game board.  I foolishly thought they were done, but I was quickly corrected.
Today they continued by working on game pieces and other parts.
 Blair's game:
Ian's game: Dinosaur Dig
 Brynn's game: Ballet Biznie  (Biznie means "That you are good at ballet").
The plan for tomorrow is to write up the rules for each game.  I have a feeling that part might prove troublesome.  It might also take the entire holiday just to teach the other cousins how to play each game, in which case my plan for keeping the kids occupied will be a success!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Jamie said...

Count me in for playing Blair's game! Looks pretty intense...and dizzy-ing :-)

Jessica said...

I'm bringing some things to occupy little people also.

Your kids are hilarious.

jmommymom said...

I hope Thanks Giving went well. That's a lot of people. Maybe the Thanks Giving activity should be creating the game? It looks like they had a great time.

Lucinda @ said...

The children look very pleased with their games - quite right! :-)