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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Vacation

In years past on this blog, when December arrived I started some sort of Christmas craft countdown with a Christmas related project posted each day.  There is just something about the holiday season that requires me to stay up way too late every night making stuff.  I had intended to do something similar this year and my project box is overflowing with supplies to prove it.
But then, tragedy struck.
My laptop died, rather suddenly and unexpectedly. 
So, no marathon blogging or counting down for me.  Instead I am taking a forced Christmas blogging vacation.  I will survive, as long as "Old Trusty" (my glue gun) and "Old Reliable" (my sewing machine) don't let me down (and as long as I can get an occasional Pinterest fix on my husband's phone).

Merry Christmas everyone and I'll be back soon!


~ Tandis ~ said...

So sad. :(
Well, maybe you could keep photos and notes and catch up on the blogs and set to post next November? Give others your ideas to make early? Then next December you could carry on as normal... assuming your husband is going to get you a new laptop to stay connected to the world. :) If he's not... then I suggest losing his smart phone until he does. :P

Dana said...

Naughty, naughty =) Maybe I'll just forget to return this slick little machine your husband loaned me.

Jessica said...

Aw shucks...I thought you'd sign it "Happy postponing everyone!"