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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

April and May at the Pond

Are we really several days into June already?  It seems that summer break just started, but we are already packing in all sorts of fun.  So, before spring is but a distant memory, here is an update in pictures (mostly) of the past few weeks at our pond.
 Week 16 (End of April)
 Week 17
 Week 18 - actual green!
This is the week that I fell in the pond.  We wanted to explore on the far side, so I piggy-backed the kids across the water that was deeper then their boots.  On the return trip, my boots tangled in the weeds at the same time as Ian flung himself sideways to rescue a stick.  I landed on hands and knees in the water, with my nose only inches from the chilly muddiness.  I can proudly report that I did not fling Ian over my head into the water nor did I get my cell phone or camera wet, but my boots filled up with several gallons of cold water.
The kids were impressed at the amount of water I poured out of my boots, but rather smugly pointed out that their boots were dry inside.  That was the end of our pond study for that day.
 Week 19
 Week 20 - Pond Scum appears - we didn't have enough clues to figure out which animal swam through the gunk and made the trail through the slime.  We will keep our eyes peeled in future.
Happy pond watching everyone!


~ Tandis ~ said...

I think it would have been better if you let Ian take a photo of you when you fell in. ;)

Ian sure has a neat place to play, with his imagination the possibilities are almost endless!!

Jessica said...

And so are the mosquitoes! hahaha