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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Moving Forward on the Master Bathroom

It's late on a Thursday evening and everyone is sleeping but me.  I just finished writing my grocery list for tomorrow's expedition (it's an expedition because I take 4 kids into several stores to collect food and supplies for the next two weeks) and don't really feel ready for bed yet, so I thought I'd do a picture post of progress on our master bathroom.  These photos date back through the past few months because the chief carpenter has been pretty busy with other parts of his life.  Still, there has been lots of progress and you won't get any complaints from me about progress!
Drywall and cement-board being installed (pardon me if I don't use the correct terms - I am a mom/blogger, not Bob the Builder).
Daddy's Helpers - happy to be helping hinder the mudding.
Here the really fun part starts - tiling the shower!  (I helped, but didn't touch the power tool.)
It is grey, which is new ground for me since I usually lean towards yellow and brown and earth-tones in general, but I am VERY happy with it.
And finally, the tile floor, which is also grey (although darker).  Since I took this picture the tiles have all been installed and the grout put in.  It looks great.
 Stick around for my next insomniac, grocery-list writing evening for another bathroom update.  The toilet gets installed next, and for a family of 6, that is a much anticipated event!

Happy remodeling everyone!

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J. W. Bassett said...

It's looking great!!! :-D