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Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Planting

Welcome to Autumn - or as we like to call it here in the Midwest: the last few nice days before winter.  I can feel the Polar Vortex looming, so I decided I better get outside and transplant a few plants and plant a few Daffodil bulbs before the soil freezes six feet deep.  My little buddy Cam decided he was big enough to garden this year, which was fun until he also decided he was big enough to handle the shovel un-aided.
 At that point it became less fun and more a calisthenic workout, but the bulbs got planted and my skill didn't get bashed in so we'll call it a success.
With the outdoor gardening done, it was time to turn my attention to the indoor plants, namely my husband's childhood companion Ricky Henderson.  Yep, the plant has a name.  No, there are no other plants with personal names in our house.  Ricky is special.
Anyway, Ricky had experiences a growth spurt over the summer and desperately needed a new home, so I painted one more terracotta pot.  (For other painted pots, see here.)  Aaron laughed at me because I painted an already orange pot a different shade of orange, but I ignored him because he just doesn't understand.  Then I used chalk to draw a loopy line all over the pot and after mixing together varying amounts of white and yellow paint I used a pencil erasure to make dots on the line.  Despite his mocking of my color choice, Ricky's owner approved of the final product.  We shall see if Ricky does.....
Happy fall chores everyone! 

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