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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Master Bathroom Reveal

At one time (roughly 2.5 years ago), this eye sore was counted as one of two bathrooms in our house.  It had no shower, there were three layers of spider-infested shower curtain "window" treatments, the plastic tiles were stuck on over another layer of older tiles neither of which were waterproofed, there was no heat and both the toilet and sink leaked into the basement.  This list only begins to describe the disgusting-ness of the room so I suspect it is needless for me to say that we never used it as a bathroom.  It gives me hives just to remember it.
Then, about 2,5 years ago as I mentioned, we gutted the interior of the house (see some photos here) and the bathroom was temporarily gone.  I think the house actually breathed a sigh of relief.  

Fast forward to today.  That pink petri-dish is only a distant memory and a brand new master bathroom has been installed in place of it.  The new bathroom is clean, appropriately grouted, not spider infested, opens to the east instead of the south, does not leak at all, currently has no window treatments (I do intend to change that, but not with three layers of ruffles) and is heated.  I think the house is happy and I know I certainly am!
One more thing, before I wrap up here.  I would like to point out that along with doing all the building and installation work himself, Aaron built the vanity too.  He probably won't like it that I mentioned it, but I felt like bragging just a bit.  Nobody had a vanity that I liked in our price range, so he learned cabinet-making just to get me what I wanted.  He is kind of a nice guy to keep around the house.
Happy remodeling, everyone!


Jamie said...

Nice job, Aaron! I even commented to Tristan on how much I liked your vanity :)

John said...

Wow! Happy birthday, Dana! (was the bathroom reveal part of the celebration?) It looks great - I wouldn't believe it was the same room (which I think was the point). :D

Dana said...

Absolutely the point! Thanks for the birthday wishes too, but no, the reveal was not connected to the birthday.

Aaron said...

You know if I had half a brain I would've said "YEAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NEW BATHROOM!" but I am not smart so instead I bought Dana a Snickers bar and some flowers...


Oh Hi John - sorry about the creep-o thing...