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Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekly Science Experiment #9

This week's science experiment was pretty simple - I wanted to show the kids that water "moves" even when it looks like it is still.  The only problem was that our water never looked still, because three small scientists kept wiggling the table or poking the glasses.  To them it was obvious how water moved - it was never allowed not to.  I tried anyway.

We started out with three glasses of water.  One was as hot as I could get it out of the tap, one had been set on the counter at breakfast time and allowed to reach room temperature, and one had been placed in the refrigerator to cool.
 Then the kids tried to guess which water molecules moved the fastest - cold water was the leading contender.
 Then we dropped food coloring into the glasses and watched the "mostly" still water swirl the food coloring around.  
 (I love the kid's faces in these pictures.)
 It is hard to tell from my photography, but the hot water mixed the food coloring throughout the whole glass faster - because warmer water molecules move faster then cooler one.
Happy sloshable science, everyone.


Jessica said...

"Sloshable," eh? ;)

Dana said...

Highly technical term, "sloshable".