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Monday, August 2, 2010

Gotta Get it Done!

I really hope I am not the only person who gets this way: a project that you really want to do keeps getting put off, until you finally decide to MAKE time for it. Then, circumstances keep interrupting you and slowing you down and you reach a decision point: put it off once more or give up sizable chunks of sleep to get it done. So, rather then do the sane thing and go to bed, you finish the project. Please tell me I am not the only one to do this!

This past week, I had just such a project. I had purchased some great clearance fabric and a sundress pattern for Brynn, and all week long I wanted to get started on it. Things kept coming up that were more pressing, or more fun for the kids, or something, so I didn't get started. Then, Saturday morning arrived, and I had a few hours to work with. The pattern seemed easy enough, so I got going. Things were going smoothly, and I thought "Hey, no sweat, I'll finish this long before I need to leave at 11am."

(Laying out the pattern - despite carefully following instructions, they never seem to fit the way the pattern shows. This time I ended up with enough extra fabric to make some little shorts too)
(My not so trusty used sewing machine, guaranteed to break at least one needle per project - I gotta start saving my pennies for a new one)

Of course then I hit some snags. The snags were mostly children, but also one rookie mistake where I did something the really slow way. Two seconds of thought would have saved me half an hour of wasted time. Oh well. So, I ran out of time with the project half finished. I still felt like I could finish the project in the hours I had between a family event that ended in early afternoon and a bonfire at our house that started at six in the evening, but again I forgot about my children. Sometimes they are wonderful children. When I am working on a self-imposed deadline I start to forget that I love them. A character flaw I admit, but haven't yet defeated. Eventually, I gave up in frustration and decided to get ready for the bonfire and leave my sewing project unfinished for another day.

The bonfire wrapped up at about 11pm, when everyone decided the mosquitoes had stolen enough blood. We did a little bit of clean up, and I was ready to go to bed, when I made a serious error in judgement: I looked at my sewing machine. That project was so close to being done...should I? Shouldn't I? My OCD kicked in, and I decided to finish it, sleep or no sleep. I was gonna get'er done! And I did, at one in the morning. My kind husband refrained from calling me crazy the next morning (although the fact that I was still up earlier then he was may have had something to do with that). Thankfully, my 8am brain agreed with my 1am brain that the dress turned out fine and didn't require having major seams ripped out and redone.

Best of all, Brynnie loved it.


~ Tandis ~ said...

I told you that you'd enjoy blogging! :)
Brynn looked beautiful. You're getting good with your sewing.

Jamie said...

Beautiful! And no, you're not the only one. Reading this makes me want to go work on my partially finished sewing project RIGHT NOW :-)

John said...

Haha - I totally know what your 11pm mind was thinking - I've been there, done that way too many times. Glad you got it finished, and it really looks neat (and Brynn seems to really enjoy it, as you wrote).

Very well written, too - an enjoyable diversion from the work I'm supposed to be doing right now. :)

Jessica said...

I'm sorry to say that you get this strange obsession from me, of all people. I am extremely goal-oriented when it comes to some things, and used to LOVE the solitude of the late night hours to sew without interruption, until the project was done. Not having a sewing room helps too. I hate picking it all up and putting it away.
Great blog and adorable picture of the "Bryncess."

MommaMindy said...

She looks adorable! Sometimes it is easier to push through a project and lose sleep then keep trying to find daylight hours to work on it. She is beautiful. You did a great job!

Dana said...

Project update: I sewed up the shorts today. Boy, they did not turn out. The rise about about 3 inches. No diaper coverage there!I double-checked the pattern, and it was not a mistake I made - I have the worst luck with pattern errors!