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Monday, August 30, 2010

House Project 2010

Since we live in an older, (think VERY well-used) house, we do lots of house projects. The first year we moved in we had to de-gunk everything and scrape and paint the exterior trim. The next year we had to repair drywall in a bedroom, and the year after that brought us a remodeled bathroom. Last year we undertook a major project: re-roofing the house, which also lead to several auxiliary projects like adding insulation and patching holes in the ceiling (don't ask). This year, the major project has to do with the foundation. Namely, fixing it so that it doesn't leak or, in a worst possible case scenario, eventually collapse inward. For any number of very good reasons, the start date for this project kept getting pushed later and later into the summer (and thus closer and closer to the due date of baby #3). But, the time has finally arrived to start the project, and this weekend, Aaron rented a jack hammer and got started removing the patio.

(Aaron hard at work when we arrived home from a friend's house)

(Aaron and a financially enterprising neighbor kid)

After seeing how much fun Daddy was having, the kids wanted to get in on the action too!

But, since my due date and the project so closely coincide, I am banned from helping. Not that I really mind avoiding back-breaking work, but I do like to be involved in these projects. Stay tuned for how I navigate access to my washer and dryer after the removal of the basement stairs next week (one day after my due date)!


Jessica said...

That's easy. You come to my house! :) Or I do it for you (not so fun, but workable).

~ Tandis ~ said...

I love to see pictures of Aaron letting Ian work. It's SO wonderful for Ian and will be a memory forever! Your house will be amazing some day. Maybe Aaron should get flowers? ;)