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Friday, October 8, 2010

Life is a project?

When you have a reputation for doing projects, you start to feel a little bit of pressure if a few days go by and you don't have a project to report on. Sure, I've been doing a little sewing, but nothing new or very exciting. Sure, I've supervised the kids in their cutting and coloring, but that isn't really blog-worthy. I have a whole stack of things that I could be working on, but they all need an ingredient or (as my son says) "a material" or a tool purchase before I can make any progress. Reputation or no reputation, blog or no blog, I am not going to pile three kids into the car for an extra trip to Hobby Lobby! But, I guess that is the real reason why my fun projects aren't making progress: those three kids. My whole schedule has been rearranged and I am still getting the hang of it.
So, I guess I am going to claim that as a project: organizing a new schedule, which I know in advance will fall apart one day after making it.
Thanks kids!
(Since I am desperate to be able to claim at least some accomplishment, I did make an apple pie for supper tonight. However, I have to admit that I used a pre-made crust. You win some, you lose some.)


Jessica said...

It's definitely winning if you can get a pie made with a 3 year-old, a 1 year-old, and a new-born in the house.

Bassett said...

I'm glad you just went ahead and made the applie pie for supper and skipped making anything else. I would be a happy camper at your place having apple pie for supper!
When can I come? I miss you guys anyway.

~ Tandis ~ said...

Why not post some pictures of your little projects playing with their toys or reading stories? Isn't everyday life a project? ;)