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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lots of Leaves

Yesterday was just a beautiful fall day so I couldn't pass up a chance to spend the afternoon outside with the kids, especially when they think doing yard work is fun! We started in the front yard and cleaned off the driveway (which produced enough leaves to mulch my raspberry patch).

Then we moved into the backyard for some real fun. Ian had the brilliant idea to put the leaf pile at the bottom of the slide.
He also thought it would be a great idea to jump from the slide platform into the leaf pile, but it wasn't. Thankfully the injuries where minor (not the broken ankles I envisioned) and he could go back to sliding right away.


Dana said...

Whoops, didn't realize the video would be sideways!

~ Tandis ~ said...

The pictures are beautiful! Ian looks awesomely happy in the photo with the slide behind him. I love it when kids look that happy about simple stuff.
Sorry about Blair, no like da leaves? And Brynn... cheesy as ever. Hehe.

Jessica said...

So fun! I'm starting to wonder if there'll ever be a picture of Brynn without that squishy face. We'll have to do some sneaky photography.

Dana said...

I've gotten a few of her with a normal face - I ask her to say something, and she can't be talking and squishy at the same time.

Bassett said...

Head first into the leaf pile! Did he eat any? =)
Fun post!