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Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Old Wreath Hangs Again!

A few years ago, I inherited this wreath when my Grandma died.

Every fall, I hang it on my front door sometime after Labor Day and I think of her. The leaves are quilted, which I think is pretty cool. This year, however, it became clear that the wreath wasn't looking as good as it used to, since the fabric of the bow and several leaves had gotten really faded. So, feeling a little melancholy, I took them off (knowing my Grandma, she would never have tolerated a faded wreath!). Then, I wrapped the old wreath in a new string of leaves, which took all of five minutes, and I have a brand new wreath!

(Oh, I did save the old quilted leaves. The backs weren't faded at all, so now I need to think of a project for them!)


~ Tandis ~ said...

I will pretend that I started the trend since both you and Jamie made a wreath soon after I did. :) This is a first in my life. Hehe. Usually you and Jamie are light years ahead of me on projects.

The wreath looks very nice!!!!

Jamie said...

Cute! We'll be anxiously waiting to see what kind of project you use the quilted leaves in :-)

Jessica said...

Don't worry. Grandma would approve.

Dana said...

Tandis - you can totally take credit for me doing this project. Since we aren't using our front door much these days, I had forgotten about the wreath hanging on it.
Jamie - I'm curious now. What did you do?

Jamie said...

I did something similar to yours...except I cut the strand into smaller pieces and went crazy with a glue gun. I intended it to hang on our front porch door, but I had absolutely no interest in searching through my Christmas boxes to find the wreath hanger (and am too cheap to buy another). So, instead, it's hanging on the wall in our front porch.