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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aaron's Project

Aaron hasn't gotten any credit on this blog lately for all the things he has been getting done around the house, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to give him some props.
When we bought our house, it came with all the appliances. They all worked so we didn't pay them much attention as we worked on other things around the place. Then one day the dryer died. Aaron went on Craig's List and found a really good deal and we thought all our problems were solved. Thought being the key word. Aaron got the dryer into the basement, hooked it up, and realized there was no dryer vent to the outside. All this time, our gas dryer had been venting into the basement. Not such a good thing.
So, last weekend, Aaron got to work to fix that not-so minor problem. As usual, the former owner of the house made this project a little more difficult then it needed to be: there really was no good place to PUT the vent. Aaron managed to surmount that problem.

Ian got to help too, which delighted him!
Then I got to try out the finished product. Aaron couldn't understand why I wasn't as excited to do laundry as he was....
Thank you Aaron! We are all grateful that we won't get carbon-monoxide poisoning.

Unfortunately for Aaron, a successful conclusion to this project motivated him to do some more work in the basement: move the washer from it's odd location in the middle of the room to a better spot beside the dryer. This project did not go as smoothly, since it involved working with the former owner's (who shall remain nameless) unique plumbing style. After removing 10-15 feet of needlessly looping pipe, repairing the kitchen sink (you wouldn't believe that this would be part of a basement wash machine project), dealing with bizarrely sized fittings and early morning races to Menards, plus the inner workings of the washing machine itself, I almost have a normally situated laundry station.

I love my husband!


~ Tandis ~ said...

Good job Aaron!!

Jessica said...

100 "Attaboys" from the MIL.

MommaMindy said...

Love buying a house from an inexperienced "I Did It Myself" kinda' person. My cousin's basement had been plumbed with - STOVE PIPE. Imagine some guy thinking he could save a few bucks...

Glad you have a handy husband who can fix all these things, and that you appreciate him!

Aaron said...

I've been BLOGGED!!!

.... now I'm famous....!!!

Seriously though, there are some things I do, but I get by with a LOT of help from my friends...

- Kevin the tireless work machine
- Jason the plumbing & HVAC master
- Ski the muscle
- Jon the crafty mechanic
- Corey the general
- Chris the expert carpenter
- Jeremy the fearless carpenter
- Perry the affordable handyman
- Red the perfectionist carpenter

And of course my wife, who, lying in bed at 10 at night, graciously accepts my request to "Can you help me a minute?" and comes downstairs in a bathrobe to "just grab this bar and crank on it while I hammer this thing over here."