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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Forgot

As I worked on all my baking the past week or two, I just knew I was FORGETTING something. I made sugar cookies and spry cookies. I made fudge. I made more sugar cookies and I made ginger cookies. I even tried gingerbread, which the entire family decided would NOT be one of our traditions. Still, I knew I was missing something.
Well, thank goodness for TV personality Kelly Ripa. I was watching her show - ONLY because I was feeding the baby - and she mentioned that she made her husband Mexican Wedding Cakes. "That's it," I thought. "Aaron loves those!" Which explains why I was FORGETTING them. When it comes to Christmas, I am a very traditional person, and these cookies were not part of my tradition growing up. So, I decided to make them.
Then there was a new problem: neither of my trusty cookbooks had a recipe. In the back of my mind I suspected that there was another name for these treats but it just wasn't coming to me. Then, last night, as I was mixing yet another batch of frosting, it came to me: Russian Tea Cakes! (Still wondering how the Mexicans and the Russians came up with the same recipe....)
This morning, Ian and I set about making "a surprise for Daddy." I went to get our camera to capture this memory (and blog material), but I had FORGOTTEN: Aaron had the camera at work.
So, that is why my usually photo-filled blog is empty.
If you would like to use your imagination, picture a small boy in a baseball cap, leaning against a kitchen table, COVERED in powdered sugar.
I did take pictures with my trusty 35mm camera, but as you know (but Brynn does not) that type of camera does not provide instant gratification pictures.
Hopefully, I haven't FORGOTTEN anything else, because Christmas starts tomorrow, and then it will be too late!


MommaMindy said...

I went to visit an Indian friend one day and she was making a cookie I called a Rosette. Ya' know, the good ol' fashioned Norwegian cookies where you dip the iron into the runny dough and then into the oil? Indians make them, too, almost the identical recipe. We like to joke that Leif Ericson stoppped in India on his way to America.

~ Tandis ~ said...

My FIL loves those cookies too.
Didn't you have internet to look up a recipe?

Dana said...

I kept forgetting to look them up.

kathy said... fun to find your blog. You are a very busy mommy. Your kids will NEVER forget all those things you do with them. One day they will be doing those kinds of things with your grandchildren! Looking at your blog reminded me of just how old I must be!

Jessica said...

Haha, they were part of my childhood Christmases, but since there is no chocolate in them....
Anyway, I could've given you the recipe from Grandma although they do not compare with Sandbakelser or Berlinerkranzer (those little wreath ones Grandma made).