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Monday, December 20, 2010

Twas the Week Before Christmas

And all through the house,
the creatures were stirring,
especially the Mom trying to get everything done.
I LOVE getting ready for Christmas.
So, I've been busy doing all sorts of things, which made me too busy to blog. (GASP!)
Well, mostly I haven't blogged because I haven't finished anything. Everything I've been working on has been in stages, so I've been making progress on many things, but finishing nothing. Finally, I have finished a few things up and I feel compelled to share them.
First: BLAIR's name.
Blair is a little too young for Christmas, so I didn't really get her many presents (she doesn't really need any more toys) but if I don't give her anything, the other kids will notice. So, I decided to do the letters in her name (that makes FIVE presents!). I've done this for each of the other two:

Brynn's is made out of ribbon-wrapped floral wire with some butterfly stickers.

Ian's are just foam letters from the craft store.

For Blair, I used the extra wooden letters from my "Christmas Banner" project - plus a few more I had to buy to actually spell her name. I used acrylic paint instead of mod podging paper.

Then I cut out paper flowers and mod podged those on to the wood.

The letters will sit on Blair's other Christmas present: a white shelf.
Merry Christmas to a 3-month-old.
Second: Christmas Baking
At least it is done for now. If Aaron doesn't find the stash of frozen cookies before Christmas actually gets here (just kidding, I am as guilty as he is).

The kids "helped" decorate.
Third: Christmas Shopping and Wrapping
I shouldn't declare this done, because I do still have two gifts to finish making and then wrap, but I had such a fun little helper last night.

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"


Jessica said...

Here's a laugh for you. Ian told me (eons ago) that Daddy made Brynn's name. Personally, I thought this a bit much, but who am I to doubt? All this time, every time I walk into Brynn's room I think, "What an odd thing for Aaron to work on." Now I know the truth. Hahaha.
By the way, Blair's name is very cute. I love the comment and picture about your little helper.

Jamie said...

Cute projects and what a good idea for gifts!

~ Tandis ~ said...

I miss your kids! :(
Blair has grown a TON and was too adorable sitting their in the pod chair. Her name looks very cute and will fit nicely in the girl room.

Jamie said...

I still have not seen Blair... sniff... she is adorable. And she's getting a wonderful gift! Love it.

MommaMindy said...

That's why I am not getting anything done for Christmas this year, I don't have HELP like you do! :)

I have flannel pj's that have to be finished for Beka, and a nativity set she started. Oh, yea, haven't done hardly any baking....will be project day EVERY day until Christmas at our house!

Merry CHRISTmas!