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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let the Growing Commence!

Since the warm weather finally seems to be sticking around, the kids and I decided that today would be a good day to start planting some of our garden. We had laid out a new bed last fall - along the west side of our garage - and we hope it gets enough sun between the tree branches to grow some "full sun" plants, like Sunflowers and Tomatoes.
The kids love to help, but when you give Ian any sort of tool you have to watch out for your fingers because everything is done at hyper-speed.
Ian got to plant the back row with "Mammoth" sunflowers that are supposed to achieve 12 feet of growth. When you are 4, 12 feet doesn't have a lot of significance, but when I said "taller then Daddy" he was satisfied that these were the right sort of flowers for soldiers to plant.
Brynnie got to plant the "Dwarf" (aprox. 3 feet tall) version in the front row.
Then we moved on to what my husband calls my "White Trash" garden. Since getting full sun in our yard is a challenge, last year I tried container gardening in 5 gallon buckets, which I could move around as needed. I thought it was a great success, but Aaron wasn't quite as thrilled. I decided not to fill as many buckets this year, but the allure of growing my own fresh beans was too much. So, using the excuse of "science lessons", I let the kids plant four buckets with bean seeds.
They even managed to cooperate with the hose. There are so many benefits to gardening!


Jessica said...

Did Ian get a haircut between picture number one and picture number two? I couldn't help but notice that his ponytail was gone.

Aaron said...

I called it a "redneck" garden, thank you very much!