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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Project Updates

Today is rainy and gloomy, but that's okay since Monday and Tuesday were both beautiful days. It's really amazing what even a little bit of nice weather will do. Since we haven't been inside very much, I thought maybe you'd like an update on what we've been doing - mostly yard work.
I finally found a way (thanks to my sister) to hang the birdhouses we made a few weeks ago.
Our beans are coming along very nicely: After using a lot of chemical spray (and keeping the kids out of the backyard for a day), I was able to venture into our "woods" without being swarmed by millions of bloodsucking mosquitoes. I dug up some Phlox to add to my one remaining front garden. This garden started as a place to "store" plants, but with the rest of our yard being something of a mess (a future post will fill in all those details) it is becoming more and more permanent. The gaps are nicely filled by a few annuals.


Jessica said...

Very pretty. It's temporary?

Dana said...

It was temporary originally, but now it is permanent.

~ Tandis ~ said...

I like your new garden plot! How nice for your neighbors as too.

Yay for the birdhouses. We need a few more stakes for the four new ones the girls painted unless we decide to turn them into little Gnome homes for the little garden people. ;) (i.e. Playmobile people!) Can't wait for my beans and squash to go up the trellis's so the girls can hide in them and play. So fun!