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Sunday, June 26, 2011

How to Take Advantage of Nasty Weather

You might not know it, but summer is finally here. The weather has not been a faithful indicator, but in the past week our summer schedule has taken off and proven that summer really is here. The phrase "lazy days of summer" is VERY inaccurate! But, we seem to be settling into some sort of routine, so I can post about something we did last week when the weather was at it's gloomiest. Since we couldn't really go outside to play, the kids needed entertainment, so we made a weather chart to hang on the refrigerator. Ian drew small pictures describing various sorts of weather (i.e. fog, partly cloudy, snow, rainbow) and also different articles of clothing - so that he would know what to wear for each type of weather - and then we attached magnets to them.

Brynnie felt that the only item of clothing needed for any weather was a "princess dress." When that only took her a few minutes, and Ian was still working away, she decided Blair needed one too.

Ian is a boy after my own heart. Check out that organization:

Here is the finished display, ready and waiting for a change in the weather.

And here is the selection for the day we made the chart. Can you believe this June?


~ Tandis ~ said...

Ian is more organized than me! :)

What a great idea! Man, you're so good!

MommaMindy said...

What a wonderful idea! You should laminate their little pics, too soon those days of scribbles will be gone.

The other day Beka was planning something she wanted to do so she got a clipboard and made a list! YES! One child like me!

Jessica said...

I laughed all the way through. You are too funny. :)