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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Strike While the Iron is Hot...

...or at least the water is lukewarm and soapy.

Yesterday, Ian thought doing dishes looked like fun, so he asked to try. He spent the next half hour doing a pretty good job - much better then I expected from a four-year-old (almost 5) boy. So, he has a new job now: breakfast dishes every morning.

Hurrah! One less project for me!


~ Tandis ~ said...

Good for Ian. Hopefully he continues to enjoy the chore. :)
My girls also have to help with dishes and while I've had to grab a few dishes back out of guest's hands.... they mostly do a good job. :) Can't crush those little spirits by being over their shoulder the whole time.

Jessica said...

Good job. You can tell him to wear his army helmet and that he's doing KP duty. He'll love it!

Aaron said...

Uh... what is he standing on?