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Thursday, September 8, 2011

By Way of Apology

I finished my college career at Minnesota State University-Moorhead. One of the earlier names of this institution was the Minnesota State Teachers College, and in keeping with that name, the Education department was huge. I considered myself fortunate not to be one of those seeking a degree in the field of "Color, Cut and Paste" - and I often teased my teacher friends that everything they needed to know to teach kindergarten they learned in kindergarten. I, on the other hand, was increasing the wisdom of the world by writing papers with titles like "Did Cities Continue to Exist Throughout the Dark Ages?" Well, guess who got the last laugh.

Those pesky teachers! With the school year less then a week old, I found myself tracing, coloring and cutting out "pattern block" shapes for my kindergarten class. Oh well. If I need to make myself feel better, I can always pull out one of those college papers.....or maybe not.


MommaMindy said...

Yes, I learned all about tessellations during my Geometry for Elementary School Teachers class at UND where I was a Cut and Paste Major.

Nice job on the manipulatives. Even though you didn't major in education, you cut on the lines really well. :)

Jamie said...

All but 2 of my closest college friends/roommates were education majors. We fondly referred to them as members of the Bulletin Board Brigade - it seems that every.single.assignment they had included a bulletin board layout. Meanwhile, I was cranking out 10 papers a week (they didn't sound nearly as exciting as yours, though).

Aaron said...

Well at least you didn't spend $35,000 for the right to do so!

Jessica said...

Life is full of ironies. I never thought I'd be a wrangler or a chauffeur.

Jamie said...

Good job... they look JUST like pattern blocks :). I love kindergarten. Have fun!