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Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Labors

Does it seem to any of you like everyone has been in a bit of a slump the last few weeks? Everything I have done - or tried to do - seemed to take twice as long (and require twice as many extra trips to Hobby Lobby). I didn't seem to have any motivation at all. I admit, some of it was pregnancy exhaustion, but that couldn't have been all of it. Even in blogland, nobody that I regularly read seemed to be posting.

However, I did manage to eventually get a few things done, and in celebration of Labor Day, I thought I'd share them all at once.
#1: Dealt with a growing "Nature Collection" (Thanks so much to "PBS Kids" for giving my children the wonderful idea to save EVERY stick, stone, bug and shell they found.)

We made impressions on clay disks of the especially specials items and then chucked the originals (well, I chucked the originals when nobody was looking). I'll figure out something to do with the disks later.

#2: We made a kite. Several years ago, I had the unfortunate idea to buy Ian a kite. Actually, the idea wasn't unfortunate, but my unwillingness to spend more the three dollars on a kite was. It has refused to fly, no matter what. So, to pacify a not-so-small boy, I agreed to get a new kite, but I was still unwilling to spend more then three bucks. I spent the three bucks on supplies suggested by this book: and we got to work. Measuring, cutting and gluing wood, string and garbage bags was a bit tricky, but decorating was easy. Then we had to make the extra trip back to Hobby Lobby to spend another $3.99 (but with a 50% off coupon, roughly two dollars) on string, since the string from the original kite disappeared. Now, we wait again - for the perfect weather day.
#3: Prize bags for the kick-off of my MOPS group. This was the most fun for me, especially because I got it done without any interruptions, during an unusually quiet and long rest time. I kinda hope I win a prize, just so I can have one back!
#4: Started several sewing projects. One project is for me, and it will have to wait until after the others, because those are for Blair's birthday, and I'm up against a serious deadline. Good thing she will only be one, and won't actually know if I finish them or not.

And so ends the summer. Tomorrow is the first day of school, and that opens a whole new can of worms. This pre-Labor Day slump has officially ended!


MommaMindy said...

Speaking of saving things for a Nature Collection, we just brought home a snake skin I found in Montana. I look forward to seeing what projects you have for this new year of school.

Jessica said...

Those are really cute bags. Do you have a GMOPS group so I can win a bag?