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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Birthday Kids

Well, the birthday hoopla is over (although the kids might still be recovering). It's taken me a while to blog about it because of camera issues, but if you have been waiting impatiently, here are the cakes.

Ian got a gun (Yes, I KNOW the trigger is backwards).

Brynn got a dancing princess.

After the big family party on Sunday, I didn't want Brynn's ACTUAL birthday on Monday to be forgotten. It meant I was working up until the last minute to finish her birthday present. What was it you ask? What else? A dancing princess dress.

I think she liked it! (Please ignore the disaster on the counter behind her!)

She hardly takes it off, although she has a hard time walking. She's practicing walking like a lady.

Size 4/5 has a little more growing room then I planned on, but I guess that means she can love it longer. However, she has already placed an order for a matching pink gown "because pink is my really favorite color." Good luck with that one, girlie.

One dancing Cinderella ball gown is all this non-fairy-Godmother can handle right now.


Jessica said...

Hmmm, this must be where Grammie steps in. :)
By the way, I still have totes in the basement with "dress up" clothes. They stay here, though.

Dana said...

Brynnie has seen the Cinderella book and knows how "Dos naughty shishters tore up Cinderella's gown and her Grandmudder made a new one." So maybe you should =)