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Monday, November 21, 2011

An Annual Tradition

In Wisconsin, the entire fall season (and perhaps the entire year) revolves around one thing: the Gun-Deer Season. For the month of the November the only color the "in" crowd will wear is blaze orange and the "must-have" accessory is a rifle slung across your shoulder. The closest thing to a religious experience that most Wisconsinites have is sitting in their deer blinds as the sun comes up on "Opening Day."

Sadly, all is not happiness and joy during hunting season. There are those who cannot participate in the joys of searching for the BIG ONE through the rain drops or snow flakes and the sub-freezing temperatures of deer season. After all, someone has to stay home and protect the future generation of hunters. These poor martyrs are known far and wide as Hunting Widows. These suffering saints have found many ways to bring a little joy to their period of mourning. In my family, we join together (since misery loves company) and have brunch. I should have taken a picture of the food, but that would just tempt some of the weaker among the hunting brotherhood to abandon their quest and give in to the call of their stomachs.\

After we martyrs have found our solace in food and hot, caffeinated drink, we often move on to other worthy endeavors. Last year, we made parachutes which a missionary used to drop radios and gospel literature to isolated people groups in Central America. In other years, we have filled shoe boxes with gifts for Operation Christmas Child. This year, we made scarves from t-shirts. I found the idea via my newest addiction: Pinterest.

Using only scissors and muscles (and in one version fabric glue) we were able to make no-sew scarves in about ten minutes. Now that is what I call an awesome project!

Our little helpers - too small to join the hunting games outside - got their own versions of the scarves, cut from the unused sleeves of the t-shirts.


MommaMindy said...

yea for project days! so looking forward to my daughter moving back from cali, we intend to have a lot more project days!

i like "projecting" but it's not as fun alone...

Jessica said...

You are every bit as funny as Aaron and I think you might as well get started on your annual Christmas letter. :)

The scarves were fun and I have a whole new appreciation for thrift store t-shirts.