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Monday, October 14, 2013

Autumn Things

October is almost half over and the fall colors are just about perfect right now.  The weather has been perfect, so we have been busy doing "fall things."
One of those things was to make a pumpkin pie.  Brynnie is being very domestic these days and made a very able baking assistant.
 She wanted to know "why" the edge of the pie crust was decorated.  Does anyone know if there is a purpose that goes beyond visual appeal?
 Ian was not to be left out, and he made us a non-seasonal batch of jello.  He is quickly becoming a jello expert!
 Finally, on the perfect fall Sunday afternoon, we took a walk in the woods.  It was lovely.  We walked the three mile Butler Lake Trail, which is part of the Ice Age Trail through the Kettle Moraine North State Forest.  My poor husband had to be at work, so my kind brother-in-law took on the project of hauling Cam through the woodlands on his back.
Blair bummed a ride whenever she could get one, but for the most part she was quite the trooper.
 A hike in the woods is never complete if you don't head off the trail once in a while to inspect hollow trees
 or collect wild apples and hickory nuts along the way.  That's my Dad, carrying the bounty.
 Happy hiking (and other fun fall activities), everyone!

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Jessica said...

We need to do that more often. It was so enjoyable.