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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sewing School 101: Pillowcase

My oldest daughter, Brynn, likes to watch me sew.  She hovers nearby, entertaining me with her chatter, and watches every move I make.  Sometimes she sits on my lap while I use the sewing machine and she calls it sewing school.  I decided that age four (almost five) is not too young to start actually sewing, so I asked her if she wanted to work on a project with me.  Oh, you should have seen the joy in her little face!

For her first try, we decided to sew a special pillowcase for little sister Blair.  Brynn tried valiantly to cut the fabric, but my scissors are a little dull and her hands were a little too small so she let me handle that step.
 She watched me place one pin and then she took over.  "Pinning is EASY, Mom!" was her comment.  I may have to call on her more often in the future!
 Then we got to work on the actual sewing.  I was in charge of the pedal, Brynnie handled the reverse button and together we fed the fabric through.  It was a good sewing school system.
(Ian wanted to be involved, so he handled pressing the seams and photography.  He was quite pleased that he thought of doing a close-up without me telling him.)
 Then, we tested out our end product and were pleased that it fit a pillow perfectly.
 Finally, Brynnie got to enjoy the best wrap-up to a project possible: excited appreciation from the person who received it.
Next up: Hemming Hankies (which I think was MY first sewing lesson.)

Happy sewing school, everyone!

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Jamie said...

WAY cooler than sewing on lines on paper when I was learning to sew!

~ Tandis ~ said...

Awww! Nice work Brynnie. I also really like that you made something special for your little sister, that was sweet. :)

Margo said...

What a fun experience and memory!

An Inviting Home said...

How adorable and what a fun memory for you and your daughter! :-)