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Monday, February 9, 2015

No More Cribs

In family life there are some pretty big moments.  There is the "everyone sleeps through the night" moment and the "no more diapers" moment.  Then comes "everyone eats what they are given without complaining" and "everyone brushes their teeth without spreading toothpaste around the whole bathroom."  We have reached some of these moments in our house, and over the weekend we chalked up one more: the "no more cribs" moment.  The little man, Cam, was finally released from his worn out old crib and transitioned into a toddler bed.
 It was painless, actually.  He didn't get out of bed once - not even the next morning when it was time to get out of bed.  He still called and screamed in the regular way.  I'm hoping that doesn't last long.
There is more to this story, however, because that toddler bed had been in use in the girls' bedroom.  So, that bedroom went from this in the morning:
 to this slightly blurrier version in the evening:
 We had two very happy little girls ensconced in their own set of bunk beds.  Oh, and Blair finally had enough room for ALL of her stuffed animals AND herself.  That's saying something!
And don't worry, Ian wasn't left out.  He didn't get a new bed, but we rearranged the boys' room so that it felt new.
When the day finally ended, we celebrated the "all the kids are asleep in their own beds before midnight" moment.  The celebration lasted about two minutes before we fell asleep in the couch watching TV.

Happy "Big Moments" everyone!


~ Tandis ~ said...

Ah annoying! Wrotegone a nice message and it disappeared. Using my phone, annoying! Rooms look great!!!!

Jessica said...

Is this what Aaron did while watching the kids all day Saturday? Impressive!

Dana said...

I helped =)