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Friday, February 20, 2015

Weekly Science Experiment #7

 Well, winter continues and so does science, although it continues with sore throats and drippy noses and coughs.  This week I thought I'd keep it simple and use the readily available snow to show the kids that water changes size when it freezes or thaws.  The steps were pretty simple: pack a glass full of snow and then let it melt.
We also put one cup of tap water in to a separate container and put that bowl in the freezer. 
 The kids suspected that the snow would melt into "less" water, but they were surprised by how little water there really was.  They were also surprised by how much debris was left in the glass by the white and clean-looking snow.
 The change in size and shape of the water that froze to ice was less interesting.  "Yeah, Mom.  It bulged up in the middle."  I'd like to think their lack of excitement was due to fevers and not to a boring experiment.
Oh well, you melt some, you freeze some.

Happy science, everyone.

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