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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow is a Project Too

In the history of this blog, I have declared several things to be "projects" even though they are outside the realm of your typical sewing-knitting-drawing-writing-decorating blog.  For example, I have declared "camping" to be a project, because it follows the project timeline: collect supplies and set-up, lots of fun "doing", and then a whole lot more time cleaning up.  So, based on those criteria, I hereby declare SNOW to be a project (and I don't mean shoveling it - that is just work).

I've had lots of practice with this project in the last few days, because we just got the biggest snowstorm of the season - a snowfall of roughly 8 inches.  Here is how it generally goes:
1) Children announce they wish to go outside.  Children inform mom that they can't find mittens, boots, snow pants, coats and other necessary items.  Mom suggests kids look in the closets, bins, and shelves where those articles are always stored.  Miraculous appearances and discoveries of said articles.  Mom helps put boots on the correct feet, insuring that snow pants are pulled down over the boots.  Mom helps put on mittens, hats, and scarves.  Mom untangles at least two zippers.  Children go out the front door.

2) Big fun outside, blissful silence inside.
3A) The real project begins to get underway because smaller children get angry when they lose a boot in the snow and demand that their mother walk out into the snow to rescue them 
and other small children purposely take off their hats and mittens and get snow in their boots and on their hands and get thoroughly chilled and then throw temper tantrums about it.
 3B) The project finally ends when all the wet clothes, mittens, and boots have been retrieved from the odd corners they migrate too (despite repeated gentle requests to "keep them on the entry rug!") and hung up to dry, so that they will be ready for next time.
But of course that was just too easy - you have to start all over again now!  And look, it's snowing again.

Happy winter, everyone.

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Jessica said...

That is one aspect of motherhood I do not miss. Cute pictures.