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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Making Brownies - a Team Effort

Yesterday my sister had some stuff going on in the afternoon, so she asked me to watch her kids for a few hours.  One of the benefits of having family that lives nearby is that the parents have built-in babysitters and the cousins have built-in buddies.  My sister has four girls, roughly the same ages as my kids, so there is always "Big Fun" when they come over.

After the obligatory screaming and shouting "The girls are here, the girls are here, Hi, how are you....did you you want to.......come and see......" the kids settled down to some serious playing.  After a couple of hours though, they hit that lull.  You know, the lull where they have run out of new games to play and maybe they are just a bit tired of each other and the bickering starts to increase?  That lull.  Well, they were beginning to lull (or would it be "they were lulling"?) and I was beginning to ponder the wisdom of a movie when the older kids appeared out of the basement bearing a box of brownie mix.  "Can we make these?  Can we?  Can we?  Pleeeeeease?"  Only a crazy person says no when other people offer to make brownies, and I am not a crazy person, so I said yes.
 It was fun to see the older kids all working together - especially for the all important step of licking out the bowl.
 The pan of brownies came out of the oven just as my sister arrived to pick up her girls, so we quickly lined up all the kids and dispensed somewhat molten treats to the mob.  They enjoyed every mouthful.
 I had one (or two) myself.  They really are the perfect anti-lull activity and treat!

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