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Friday, April 24, 2015

Weekly Science Experiment #16

This week's science experiment again took the nature of a demonstration: What happens to fire when it is deprived of fresh air (oxygen).  This post is rather lacking in pictures because it involved fire - when you have four little kids anywhere near lit candles it seemed wise to focus on their activities and not accidentally take pictures of them igniting their hair or clothing.  Once again this science experiment created opportunities for talking about personal safety as well as good ways to put out fires!
For this demo, each child had a lighted tealight candle on the table in front of them as well as a glass container.  Ian had a small glass votive holder, Brynn had a drinking glass, Blair had a quart mason jar, and Cam and I managed a large glass vase.  At "go" we all turned our containers over our candles and began timing.  Ian's candle burned out in less than five seconds, while Cam's candle (under the vase) lasted almost 1.5 minutes.  It was a short experiment, but illustration that fire needs more than just fuel to burn.

Happy science, everyone.

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